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Videocation: Teaching Through Visual Storytelling


Main Multimedia and Money Savvy Kids (MSK) recently joined forces with First National Bank (FNB) to create videos that teach to the problem, not the tools via ‘teachable moments’ relevant to the specific life-stages of an individual’s life.

Found under the MFM Money umbrella, Main Multimedia, a full-service advertising agency, and MSK, a financial literacy and entrepreneurial programme for kids as young as four, has collaborated with FNB to produce quality work that is undoubtedly seen in a total of ten innovative videos.

The animated videos are a visual feast of entertaining yet informative content for both the young and old to familiarize themselves with financial lingo that they would otherwise not comprehend. Financial concepts such as budgeting, saving, expenses, debt, and many more are covered in the videos. An unconventional approach to explaining the concepts in question was embraced by all parties involved. The result of all the hard work and sweat are ten videos that will catch the imagination of its audience while grooming them to become a financially savvy one, too.

Ditch the pen and paper by watching these videos so the financial expert in you can come out when it matters most. Get your learn on so you can lead a financially savvy life today.


We don’t promise to make them rich but we do promise to keep them rich

Kathryn Main

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