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Raising Money Savvy Kids E-Book Release

Raising Money Savvy Kids

MSK is proud to announce their very first offering in the form of a straight-to-the-point yet effective guide to Raising Money Savvy Kids. The book gives parents hands-on lessons for kids between ages four and fifteen and will be available in epub and PDF formats on the website for only R50 per download.

According to Momentum financial wellness researcher, Pieter Rossouw, it remains to be seen if the South African millennials or ‘Afrilennials’ will survive financially in an already challenging economic environment. As members of the swipe-and-click generation, youth are at risk of showing a lack of appreciation for the value of physical money. With the concept of money becoming more abstract by the year, wallets no longer contain physical money, only plastic. With the rise of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, it has become imperative to teach our youth the financial basics from as young as three.

South Africa has one of the lowest financial literacy levels in the world. The majority of our adult population is trapped in severe debt and many Afrilennials are heading in the same direction if serious steps are not taken. With a vast array of financially sophisticated products available to them it is important that young people truly understand all the financial concepts and pitfalls that come with products.

Written by Kathryn Main, a devoted mother of three, her parental instincts recognise the critical importance of giving South African youth a financial advantage their parents never had. Make sure to purchase your own copy to secure a money savvy life for your child/ren.


We don’t promise to make them rich but we do promise to keep them rich

Kathryn Main

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