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suiderland plase


The Client: Suiderland Plase


Audience: Adults


Programme: My Money Journey



Programme Description


This is a 4-part programme that will help you to map out your financial future. It is a full financial literacy education module that takes 12 hours and covers every single financial concept each individual needs to understand to create their ideal financial life.


We work through 4 key financial pillars.

  1. My money and me, (Understanding how and why you use money in your life the way you do)
  2. Grow my money, (How to set goals and use saving and investing to set yourself up for retirement)
  3. Protect my money, (Protect your money with insurance, estate planning, online and banking security)
  4. Manage my money. (Planning and managing money through budgeting and debt management skills and templates)

The Target Audience


  • Farm workers
  • Male and female
  • Aged 19 - 60
  • Low-income earners (+- R 4,000 - R 6,000 per month)


The Brief


Suiderland Plase asked us to train their farm supervisors at 4 different farms across the Western Cape. In total we trained 250 supervisors over a 4- month period between July and October 2021.  We spaced the training out over 2 months.  We believe that real change happens over time not overnight.  We ran 2 farms concurrently.


The client had the following objectives:

  • The importance of saving for retirement
  • How and the best ways to save
  • Housing subsidies
  • Safe digital/ mobile banking
  • Understanding their money mindset and behaviours
  • The importance of having a will
  • How to grow money over time through saving
  • Information on pension funds and how they work and why employees should leave their money in the fund to grow over time
  • How to create and manage a budget
  • The importance of a funeral policy

The Programme


We have 4 sessions of 3 hours each. Each farm has a mix of bi- lingual trainers for the preferred language. We had trainers who spoke, English, Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu.


We created this custom product for Suiderland Plase based on the brief from the client.  We do not believe in a 1 size fits all model.  This programme was created to meet the specific client objectives as well as serve the target market a programme they can easily understand and could put into practise in their own lives immediately.


Every face-to-face session was interactive with games, activities and lots of questions and on-going interaction.


We started the programme with a pre-questionnaire. This was to ascertain the level of knowledge before the programme. The same questionnaire was the redone at the end of the programme to measure the impact the programme had on each individual’s knowledge and behaviours.


What Was the Impact?


  • There was a huge increase (64%) is opening savings accounts
  • 40% of savers started saving more
  • 39% started a side hustle to create a second income
  • 37% increase in people who started budgeting
  • 80% increased understanding of financial terminology
  • 6% said they closed their store accounts
  • 54% started to set goals
  • 11% said they no longer need to spend all their money weekly
  • 57% created a will




We loved making such a big impact on so many lives in such a short space of time. The amount of behaviour change gathered from the questionnaires is what we would call “Impressive”.


For more information or a customised programme of your own contact Kathryn Main.