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Our footprint is growing in KwaZulu Natal – Meet the new master licensee

The Money Savvy Kids footprint is growing;

We are so excited to bring the Money Savvy Kids Programmes to KwaZulu Natal in 2020.

Our Master Licensee is Nicci Torr.

As a mature mother of a 15-year-old I realised that I would love for him to have the advantage that I never had, namely understanding money matters. Financial literacy is such a key element to our overall success as adults and one that many of us know nothing about…. It would be doing a disservice to my beautiful child, who I strove to give every other opportunity in life. With this knowledge I embarked on my journey with MSK with a purposeful mind and a song in my heart.

Working with children and being in a position to influence their highest good, has always brought with its great reward. It is a wonderful journey when you can disseminate key information which you know will change a life for the better. Simple and easy to understand content made MSK stand out and I knew I wanted to be part of this innovative approach to financial education and development. When you’re excited about something it’s so easy to transform your learner’s perspective! Changing hearts, changing minds, changing lives… That’s what we do!

To bring the Money Savvy Kids programme to your kids school you can reach Nicci on / 076 028 2843


We don’t promise to make them rich but we do promise to keep them rich

Kathryn Main

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