Thandeka Njomo


“Accept the good - Okuhle Makwande"


Thandeka Njomo

West Rand Licensee

Contact Thandeka:
078 531 6103
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Ndebele-born, Thandeka Njomo hails from Middelburg, Mpumalanga. Having grown up in an entrepreneurial household, one would never have found her sitting at home, idly twiddling her thumbs during school holidays.


When she wasn’t busy volunteering at shelters, she worked as a waitress, and as an administrative assistant. On special occasions, she would lend her bright and melodic voice to uplift people by singing in her church band. Thandeka absolutely loves singing.


A fiercely independent, multi-talented young woman, Thandeka does not shy away from the unknown. She is always eager to bolster her skill set by learning something new.


After starting and running a catering business, she realised that her lack of financial literacy was the largest limiting factor that was hindering her success. It dawned on her that school had not adequately prepared her for the working world. As such, she investigated ways to enrich her financial literacy. She began by attending her first workshop in 2021. Since then, has been hooked on anything and everything Money Savvy. Both Thandeka and her aunt have embarked on their journey to becoming financially independent. Thandeka is currently learning how to build her own legacy.


She firmly believes in making a difference in the lives of others.


The twinkle that appears in her eyes when she discusses her purpose - to enrich the lives of others - speaks for itself. One can’t help but agree with (and believe in) her.