Olivia Clark


“Happiness is merely good health and a short memory"


Olivia Clark
Western Cape Licensee

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082 676 6115
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Olivia is an energetic, dynamic mother of two who loves being South African and loves living in South Africa. (And she has a husband who is a Yorkshire gentleman.) She is the eternal optimist, a characteristic that is both her strength and her weakness.


She believes in the opportunity that exists in this country and the unbelievable entrepreneurial spirit that lies in so many South Africans. She attended the Khayelitsha Business Networking events for a few years and witnessed the melting pot of creativity and ambition that is just waiting for an opportunity to be fuelled into something great.


After attending these sessions, she joined the founder of the Business Advice Clinic, which provided business coaching to entrepreneurs in this area. She has had the privilege of meeting amazing people along the way.


During this time, the passion that was always there grew into something that drives her. Olivia believes we can change the lives of many South Africans if we create a space for them to learn and understand a path to make their futures better.


Growing up, her parents raised her to understand the importance of “paying yourself first”, which was the foundation that led to investing from a young age.


With this guidance, she learnt that if you can understand how to make money work for you and not let it control you, you can lay a path to financial freedom. Being financially healthy allows for creativity and hard work to prosper. Financial literacy is the fundamental basis for this.


Being part of a team that is changing the lives of South Africans, one at a time, is inspiring.