Monique Balloy


“No matter what people tell you words and ideas can change the world. Empowering the individual is the best to becoming capable is the best gift you could ever give them."


Monique Balloy
South Rand Licensee

Contact Monique:
079 490 1123
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Monique’s passion in life is helping others explore their creative potential that help solve their problems.


She’s a third year BCom Business Management Student at Damelin College who’s excited about becoming part of an organisation that gives her the freedom to run her own business. She wants to help others reach their potential and avoid any pitfalls along their journey as well as invest in themselves and become successful.


Monique has done extensive sales and promotional work which has exposed her to understanding how a business could best be marketed to the public. She’s identified how much could be wasted and unproductive if budgets and plans do not align with their marketing approach.


Monique realises that becoming a Money Savvy licensee will help people view their finances in a unique way. The structure and accuracy of having a plan and a budget for your life and life goals are tools that Money Savvy equips you with to achieve successful. It is not a wild guess but a thought-out plan of action in making all your dreams come true.