Kathryn Main


"We don’t promise to make you rich, but we do promise to keep you rich!"


Kathryn Main
Our Founder

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Kathryn Main believes in the promise of the future but knows how difficult it can be to secure a future worth fighting for. While she maintains an ever-optimistic outlook on the future, she is a realist through-and-through when it comes to taking the right steps today to make tomorrow worthwhile.

Hard work, dedication, the ability to embrace uncertainty and an insatiable drive for success are what have put this entrepreneur maverick in the spotlight time and time again and made Money Savvy such a success.

Having started her first business at the age of 22, Kathryn has grown from strength to strength across marketing, advertising, project management and business management to get her to where she is today: one of South Africa’s most sought-after female entrepreneurs. She believes in paying it forward, bringing everyone along for the journey and is a voice of confidence and encouragement when it comes to female empowerment and opportunity for all.

Coming to the idea of Money Savvy kids happened organically for Kathryn when she looked at her three sons and realised just how under-prepared, they were when it came to financial literacy. Their schools were doing nothing to address this, so she decided to take the bull by the horns and be the change she wanted to see in the world.

This dynamo mother of three is unstoppable and since the inception of Money Savvy has won the following eight accolades in a mere five years:

  • Mondato Summit Africa Finalist 2016
  • Margaret Hirsch woman in business winner Fourways 2017
  • Margaret Hirsch Winner overall 2018
  • Fairlady woman of the future finalist 2019
  • Media Innovation Award for best full - service digital marketing agency & Award for multimedia innovation 2019
  • Woman of stature finalist Education 2020
  • 1000 Entrepreneurs winner 2020
  • Most Outstanding Full-Service Digital Marketing Agency - South Africa & Best in Multimedia Marketing 2021

She has somehow also found the time to author the “Raising Money Savvy Kids” book, in between delivering keynote speeches, fetching, and carrying to and from school, home-schooling during lock-down and maintaining a healthy relationship with her stakeholders, licensees and mentees across South Africa.