Our footprint is growing in KwaZulu Natal – Meet the new master licensee

The Money Savvy Kids footprint is growing;

We are so excited to bring the Money Savvy Kids Programmes to KwaZulu Natal in 2020.

Our Master Licensee is Nicci Torr.

As a mature mother of a 15-year-old I realised that I would love for him to have the advantage that I never had, namely understanding money matters. Financial literacy is such a key element to our overall success as adults and one that many of us know nothing about…. It would be doing a disservice to my beautiful child, who I strove to give every other opportunity in life. With this knowledge I embarked on my journey with MSK with a purposeful mind and a song in my heart.

Working with children and being in a position to influence their highest good, has always brought with its great reward. It is a wonderful journey when you can disseminate key information which you know will change a life for the better. Simple and easy to understand content made MSK stand out and I knew I wanted to be part of this innovative approach to financial education and development. When you’re excited about something it’s so easy to transform your learner’s perspective! Changing hearts, changing minds, changing lives… That’s what we do!

To bring the Money Savvy Kids programme to your kids school you can reach Nicci on nicci@moneysavvykids.co.za / 076 028 2843


Black Friday – Don’t give yourself the gift of debt this December


Black Friday Financial Lessons.

Oct 2019.

Black Friday means different things for different people. Either way, with Black Friday upon us it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of these once in a lifetime deals, and the feeling that if you aren’t shopping on that day you are certainly losing out.

Black Friday happens to fall on my Birthday this year, 29 November, and my kids have decided that they are waiting until the 29th to purchase my gift in order to benefit from the discounts, no questions asked.

Are we being too easily deceived and falling into the too good to be true trap? How do we not get caught up in these two for one deals, and rather spend responsibly and avoid an extreme case of buyer’s remorse?

Black Friday happens over a minimum period of 24 hours depending on the retailer. There is an enormous variety of products available on Black Friday and retailers use the discount angle to get consumers through their doors and sales up. This makes the “logical consumer” within us disappear for at least 24-hours, only to re-appear when there is no money left to spend or are in severe debt due to overspending, it’s very easy to just swipe the credit card. This event just shows us as well as our kids what not to do in the event we can’t afford to go on a shopping spree. Its shows how easy it is to land into debt and serves as an example of how to avoid these traps for your kids too.

On the flip side, there is also a difference between this hype and a good deal. The discount awarded with bulk purchases of necessities such as cold drinks, nappies, biscuits are advantageous, and not just an unnecessary drain on one’s finances. Is your child going to Standard 6 next year and it’s now compulsory for them to have a tablet? Now would be a good time to look for these deals.

The biggest discount event on the planet is also the best way to teach your kids healthy spending habits as well as an alternative attitude towards money. Instead of campaigning for this one day to grind to a halt, use its downfalls as an incentive to teach your kids the financial lessons you never learned and help your kids lead a money savvy life.

Sadly, businesses use a sense of scarcity to convince us to buy more now – especially during one-day shopping events, when there’s pressure to snatch up limited deals (and other people racing to beat you to them). It’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy and inadvertently give yourself the gift of debt this Christmas by overspending. There is no return policy when it comes to the debt you acquire.

About Money Savvy Kids:

Born out of the need to teach our kids that money is something to be understood and respected, Money Savvy Kids (MSK) is the beginning of the end of financial mismanagement and misunderstanding.

MSK makes learning easy through fun ways to teach kids money matters.

The MSK financial curriculum ranges from grade 0 to grade 7 and combines real-world education with easy-to-understand modules to further enhance the children’s learning.

MSK is not just a product. It is a pathway to developing mind-sets that will ensure South Africa’s children not only work their way out of poverty, but that they have the tools to stay out.

MSK promotes in youth the skills, knowledge attitudes and behaviours required to be financially independent. This is critical to South Africa’s future because each person’s informed financial decisions help shape the country’s economy into the powerhouse it has the potential to be.

More about Money Savvy Kids: https://moneysavvykids.co.za/

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Issued on behalf of: Money Savvy Kids

Contact: Kathryn Main | kathryn@wellnessassets.co.za | 079 370 0601


Woman of Stature – Meet the finalists

Fourways resident Kathryn Main
FINALIST for Woman of Stature Awards

Friday 7 November 2019, Johannesburg: – And the Finalists are …

The eighty finalists of the 6th Woman of Stature Awards were announced on Saturday 2nd November at the launch of the Woman of Stature Foundation. The gala dinner will take place on Sunday, 08th March 2020 at the Indaba Hotel in Fourways, where eighty of South Africa’s most prominent women will be competing for one of twelve awards:

  • Woman in Community;
  • Entrepreneur of the Year;
  • Woman in Agriculture;
  • Woman in Education;
  • Woman in Engineering;
  • Woman Healthcare;
  • Woman in Finance;
  • Woman in Media;
  • Woman in Mining and Construction;
  • Woman in Technology;
  • Woman in Sport;
  • Youth Ambassador

This is the first time that the awards will be hosted by the newly formed Woman of Stature Foundation and proceeds raised from the awards will go the foundation. The mission is to be an intervention with preventative measures for women who find themselves in a sudden destitute situation so that they become independent and contribute to society.
Its annual Woman of the Year Awards are not limited to any particular field of endeavour, and for this reason rank among the most prestigious awards in South Africa for women.

Launched in April 2013, Woman of Stature’s purpose is to inspire and empower women from all walks of life.
Woman of Stature, Managing Director Charlotte du Plessis says, “The 80 finalists are each prominent within their respective communities and have reached considerable heights within their careers. They each reflect our values and focus at Woman of Stature, which is empowering other women whether through active mentorship, or just by setting the example for leading a purposeful life.”

Charlotte du Plessis received recognition as the founder of Woman of Stature when winning the Margaret Hirsch Women in Business Achievers Award Strubens Valley in 2016.

Kathryn Main, a Education Finalist in the Woman of Stature Awards, says, “Winning this award will give me a voice. Its time to make real socio – economic change on the African Continent. We can only do this by addressing the lack of financial literacy training in our schools.”
“Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this Award. It is an honour to be selected as a finalist for such a prestigious award, and especially for such an empowering cause. It is indeed a cause dear to my heart and I am looking forward to making a difference in the lives of other women.”

The media partners and sponsors that have come on board thus far include; Indaba Hotel, Diageo, Nedbank, Wesbank, Hunter Group, Radio Pulpit, Radio Today, Jacaranda FM, Fourways Review, Real Women Real Life, NQ Nkosi Devine E Image, Upstage, Brett Herman Productions, Buddies For Life (Blog), AKA Africa Group, Bill Harrop’s Original Balloon Safaris, Seasons In Africa, Inspire Furniture.
“We look forward to a house packed with women and men alike to celebrate this iconic event – all for a good cause!” concludes Du Plessis.

Contact for bookings and further information:
Charlotte du Plessis 082 553 0061

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