Starting The Money Conversation

It is apparent that parents do not really know how to start the ‘money conversations’ with their kids. In this podcast, Kathryn Main talks all things money and how to have those life changing money conversations with your children.

Talking about Relationship Dynamics presenter, Paula Quinsee, invites Money Savvy Kids  foiunder and Managing Director, Kathryn Main, to touch on teaching children the value of money from an early age will empower them to make sound financial decisions throughout their lives.

Click on the link below to have a listen. Enjoy 🙂


MSK Expands Into The Western Cape

Money Savvy Kids (MSK) has grown its footprint into the Western Cape. We are excited to introduce BizHero founder and trainer, Fiona Ronquest-Ross, whom we have collaborated with late last year. Founded in 2015, BizHero is an experiential training programme training 12-18 year olds who aspire to launch their own start-ups. The programme does this through workshops and business coaching to senior school students.

Along with more than a decade of experience in learning and development, Fiona has an Honours degree in Business Science Marketing (UCT, 1996). She worked in brand management at Unilever and Added Value before embarking on a journey of starting and managing her own experiential training consultancy business, Learn to Lead, that she ran for the course of ten-years.

While still attempting to find her feet in her new career, Fiona took financial advice that proved to be detrimental to her future finances. Following a tax consultant’s advice to “Go out and buy the most expensive car you can,” she has experienced, first-hand, the negative impact one bad financial missteps can have. She hopes to grow a new generation of money savvy kids, starting with her own 7-year-old twins, who are budding entrepreneurs. Having just opened their own bank accounts, her twins are learning how to manage their pocket money from an early age.

After a three-year stint living and working in the Netherlands, Fiona returned to South Africa to make a difference by helping give kids a better financial head-start in life. She looks forward to equipping your children with essential financial skills so they can, one day, enjoy a money savvy life.